Windshield Repair

Auto Glass Smith can Repair that Chip or crack in your vehicles glass or replace it when needed.

Our windshield repair has a lifetime guarantee. Chip Repair will stop the damage from spreading, improve clarity in the damaged area, restore the structural integrity of damaged windshields. Auto Glass Smith has the technicians and knowledge to repair all types of damage.

We will also bill your insurance company directly so there is no extra work for the vehicle owner.

No matter how much cleanup is done the the streets Road debris often strikes windshields and creates damage in the auto glass. The Damage usually ranges from small pits, nicks, to areas bigger than a 50 cent piece. Most breaks smaller than a nickel in diameter can be repaired. Breaks usually have a silver or dark appearance before dirt or grime gets in the break. The auto glass repair process will remove the shadow and restore the appearance back. Breaks will sometimes leave a reflection after the repair has been completed. This is why if a break is ever on the drivers’ side of the car in the line of site you should not repair the windshield to keep from having a blind spot.